Be Bold, Try Out Colorful Gel Liner


There’s no need to shy away from bold makeup colors any longer. These eye-catching trends have slowly worked their way from the runway to everyday style. If you’re looking for a simple way to incorporate bold colors into your makeup routine, try using our Bold Gel Liner. Here at STARE we formulated this special liner to provide the most intense pigment while still retaining an easily workable consistency. This compact yet versatile liner glides on smoothly and has the staying power to get your makeup through day and night without smudging.

Gel liner is one of those wonderful products that can be used in many different ways. The gel blends easily, with a brush or your fingers, and can be spread to create interesting effects. Here are some of our favorite ways to use your Bold Gel Liner:


One of the simplest tricks is to apply a thick line of gel where you would normally apply, and blend upwards and out to create a smokey effect without all of the tools and eyeshadow.


One of the issues with using black eye makeup is that it can appear as too dark when compared to your overall look. Brighten up charcoal liner and shadow using a silver toned gel liner blended over top. This will reflect light and cause a shimmery effect.


A new trend we’re seeing in eye makeup is the use of color blocking on hooded eyelids. Try picking two shades of color that you love, apply the lighter one at the base eyelashes, and the darker one where your eyelid crease would be. This creates a dramatic and eye catching look.


Take advantage of the color wheel and pair your outfits with a complementary, bright eyeliner. For example, pair a bright yellow liner with a cobalt blue dress to turn heads.


Apply a small amount of red or pink (depending upon skin tone) gel to the middle of the eyelid and blend before applying any other makeup. This subtle change makes your eyes appear more open overall.

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