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Create Glowing Skin Now!

Written by Delane Mazaheri


Posted on December 04 2018

Hello Beauties!!

 The air around us can be quite toxic for our skin! And no, I’m not just talking about the negative energy that stresses you out and causes those breakouts... The actual air can make our skin have the panic attack, which shows as breakouts, fine lines, and dehydration. Our environment plays a big role in our skin health. Everyday pollutants, such as dust, smoke, and debris can wreak havoc on your skin’s radiance. On top of that, those beautiful little rays of sunshine (UV rays) are the cause of so many of skin issues, even when it is not sunny outside.

At STARE, we believe your skin can achieve glowing status without so many harsh chemicals. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to combatting pollution and having dazzling skin!

Keep Your Face Clean, My Darlings 

Face washing is the first step to keeping your skin beautiful with all the pollution in the air. Moisturizing is also critical. You can start by using STARE’s Makeup Removers. Our Makeup Wipes soothe with German Chamomile and is a no-rinse convenient way to freshen up while on the go. Also, our oil-free makeup remover gets everything off, even eye makeup! It comes in liquid form or in handy remover pads. While trying to protect your skin from pollution, please don’t add more chemicals that can harm!! STARE’s removers are both cruelty and gluten free and also free of those awful Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Laurel Sulfate & Triclosan. Our Oil-Free Remover is vegan as well!

After your skin is squeaky clean, a very hydrating, thick moisturizer should be used as pollutants are drying. Don’t forget to layer on your choice of SPF for day, preferably 30, to combat against UV rays. Next, apply our Corrector Stix, which come in 9 beautiful shades. Follow with our Foundation Stix, which is available in 10 amazing shades, and also have SPF for additional coverage. Don’t forget to wear a hat, and off you go to conquer the world!

Another little suggestion?? Change the air filters in your home!! During times of extra pollution, every 3 weeks is recommended. This can help immensely and is often overlooked in the beauty routine.

Body Love 

Let’s not forget, our face is not the only place that needs a little love and attention. Our bodies also need TLC. STARE’s Replenishing Body Oil can leave your skin hydrated and smelling of yummy Vanilla & Honeysuckle or Cherry Blossom. Give yourself a mini massage just after your shower, while your pores are still open, for a lavish start or end to the day. Daytime should be followed with SPF to keep your skin protected. Our body oil is made, of course, without Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Triclosan and is Gluten Free!

While we can’t change the air quality around us, we can help alleviate the damage done by the pollutants we encounter every day!

Always formulated without Parabens | Mineral Oil | Phthalates | Triclosan | Sodium Lauryl Sulfate | Gluten