Eyeshadow Tips to Complement Your Look


Applying makeup, especially eyeshadow, can be daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be. Use our tips to enhance your look and compliment your eyes!

  1. Figure out what shape your eyes are. There are many online resources available to find your correct eye shape. Examples include round, almond, upturned, and downturned. In addition to shape, eye distance is important in deciding how to apply your eyeshadow. Last but not least is eye depth, decide if your eyes are deeply set in their socket, protruding forward, or neither. Combine this knowledge to determine the perfect application routine!
  2. Brushes, brushes, brushes! Educate yourself on the different materials for brushes, like natural versus synthetic hair, to determine which one you would prefer to use. Here at STARE we have the amazing Ultra Brush Set made up of ten high quality and vegan synthetic fibers. There are several types of brushes for the eyes, those with loosely bound bristles are for sweeping on soft shadows. Blending brushes are for – you guessed it- blending! Brushes with tightly packed bristles are for precision movements, like applying shadow to the crease of your eye and to enhance or smudge eyeliner. Always remember to keep a light grip on the brush, holding it more like a paintbrush towards the end of the handle. Applying too much force will produce choppy results with a lot of wasted product.
  3. Find the right primer. Primer is a critical step to applying eyeshadow as it holds the shadow in place and prevents creasing, smudging, and falling. You can use your concealer as a primer if you’re in a pinch.
  4. Find the right color scheme for your skin tone. Avoid darker pigments if you have a lighter skin tone to keep from overwhelming the eyes, and if you have a darker skin tone opt for darker pigments to ensure the colors show well. We offer our Shadow Five Palette in 11 color schemes to ensure you find your perfect palette!
  5. Know where each shade is supposed to be used on the eyelid. The darkest color is meant for the outer corner of the eye to make eyelashes appear fuller and eyes appear bigger. The second darkest color is meant to be used in the crease to play up eye shape. The second lightest color is typically the main eyelid color, while the lightest color works best to highlight the inner corners of the eyes to make them appear bigger. If you have narrow-set eyes, play up the inner corners to make eyes appear father apart. If you have round eyes, try dabbing the lightest color in the middle to make them appear larger and more open.
  6. Don’t forget to apply setting spray or powder to finish off your look! This will prevent falling and create a nice, smooth finish.
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