Most Popular Makeup Trends In 2018


In the middle of Summer and with Fall 2018 around the corner, we want to keep you up to date with today’s hottest makeup trends from around the runways! Not only are we going to show you what trends are in, but we’re also going to give you some tips on how to pull these looks off as best as possible!

One of the biggest trends throughout all of 2018 is the use of glitter. While using glitter sounds very flashy, there are many ways to work this into your makeup without being too extreme. Many people prefer to work glitter into their eye shadow, while others will go all out and have it more spread out on their face. If you want to add a little bit of this trend to your look in a light manor, you can try using a thin layer of shimmering cream on your face. 

Another major trend we’ve been seeing all over is the use of smoky eyes. From the runways to the streets, this is a trend we don’t think you should miss out on. Smoky eyes are when your eye shadow and eye liner has a nice, soft blend at the edges without the use of any harsh lines. To attain this look, when applying your shadow and liner, you want to make sure to blend it nicely and give it a fading look between colors. We suggest starting with your eye shadow and working outwards with blending, and then adding eye liner and blending it into the eye shadow.                                               

Our next trend involves adding a little color to your eye shadow. Even though it’s already July, it’s not too late to bring some bright colors in your look. More and more,using bright colors becoming normal. With neon colors, bright blues, and oranges becoming more prominent, there are lots of options for you to choose from to add a little flare to your outfit. Whether you’re going out to brunch or going to a party, adding some colors to your face can help give you a fun, lively look.   

Inner Circles are one of our favorite trends of this year. It’s such an simple addition, but the difference is noticeable. Adding just a little bit of pigment specifically to the inside circle of your eyes can really bring out color. We suggest taking whatever your favorite pigment is and and adding a touch to the inner circle of your eyes. Doing this can help you keep a natural look while still bringing out the beauty in your eyes.

As women who are concerned about what we put in our bodies, we should also be aware of what we put on our skin. Since our skin absorbs what we put on it, making a healthier choice of products is an important element of your purchase decisions.  With so many cosmetic lines on the market, we know we must provide a quality, high performing makeup that performs beyond expectation. STARE Cosmetics are long-lasting in wear and require only a small amount for each application due to the high quality of ingredients. You use less, and they last longer! Go ahead and STARE!

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