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C O M P A N Y    S T O R Y

The Scenario

You walk out of the spa, fresh from an amazing facial, your skin is glowing and you carry a little bag full of skin care products, feeling radiant, you think to yourself: “I am definitely going to keep my skin looking and feeling this beautiful and radiant!”

A week or two pass, and although you have followed your skin care regime faithfully, you notice your luminance seems to have dulled. As you study your reflection, you ask, “Where did the brightness go?” Many women find themselves asking this very question. What exactly is the solution? Answer: Quality makeup products you feel confident using in your daily routine that enhance, not hinder your skin care.

The Premise Behind STARE Cosmetics

Inspired to fill the gap between makeup and skin care, we drew from our many years working with estheticians specializing in corrective skin issues. We set out to create a makeup line that would not exacerbate existing skin conditions and beautifully enhance all skin. We wanted to keep out as many unnecessary fillers, harmful chemicals and dyes as possible, focusing on new, better and healthier ingredients, all the while keeping harmony between skin care and makeup a priority.

STARE Cosmetics is a quality makeup line that cares for your skin like skin care products would. Our products provide the coverage and colors we all desire while conscientiously including only quality ingredients.


As women who are concerned about what we put in our bodies, we should also be aware of what we put on our skin.  Since our skin absorbs what we put on it, making a healthier choice of products is an important element of your purchase decisions.  With so many cosmetic lines on the market, we know we must provide a quality, high performing makeup that performs beyond expectation.

STARE Cosmetics are long-lasting in wear and require only a small amount for each application due to the high quality of ingredients. You use less, and they last longer!

 Go ahead and STARE!

Always formulated without Parabens | Mineral Oil | Phthalates | Triclosan | Sodium Lauryl Sulfate | Gluten