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We're not just your run of the mill cosmetic line!

STARE Cosmetics has all the performance you need and want without all the ingredients you and your face can do without!

STARE Cosmetics is a quality, ingredient conscious cosmetic line that will enhance your skin care efforts and not exacerbate any existing skin issues.

We have carefully selected our products with our main goal in mind, which is to create a synergistic compatibility between quality skincare and makeup with out sacrificing one for the other.

Since our line is designed with your best face in mind, and with the ingredients being a higher quality, you tend to use less product which mean is lasts longer, which also means it is kinder on your finances!

So go ahead, we dare you to  S T A R E


Always formulated without Parabens | Mineral Oil | Phthalates | Triclosan | Sodium Lauryl Sulfate | Gluten