Fix Your Makeup Mistakes



Makeup is an amazing tool we use to compliment our features and play up natural beauty. Unfortunately, it can be easy to make small, unflattering mistakes that end up making your face look less youthful. At STARE, we have your back. We want to make sure you have the skills to make the most of your products and look your best for any occasion.

Here is a list of products and accompanying common mistakes for each.



  • Applying too much foundation is something we see all the time. It’s understandable, if you want to cover something, you’ll use enough product to conceal whatever flaws are visible. This is a problem because your mind tends to exacerbate your flaws and call attention to imperfections far more than someone with an outside perspective. Combat this effect by using foundation sparingly and applying an even, thin coat over the face. 

  • Applying the wrong color can absolutely ruin your look, no matter how perfectly it is applied. Consult a makeup expert or a reliable online program to find the perfect color-match for your skin. Here at STARE we offer 18 shades of our Mineral Foundation – Loose and 20 shades of our Sheer Veil Foundation, so you are guaranteed to find your best fit.



  • Applying concealer too thickly can also contribute to a caked-on look. Concealer is intended to be applied in a thicker layer than foundation, but again, less is more. Use your concealer sparingly until your blemishes are just covered.

  • Only having one shade of concealer is a recipe for trouble. Different areas of your face are naturally darker or lighter than other areas and having two shades of concealer helps to even the skin tone. Use the lighter color under the eyes, and the darker color around the edges of your face.



  • Using the wrong blush color for your skin tone can take your look from “youthful goddess” to “circus performer” in under 10 seconds. Follow your natural coloring and stick to blush colors that reflect your undertones. If a color is too pink or too orange, it could look garish.



  • Using a highlighter that is too shimmery can also kill your look. Sparkles are for New Year’s Eve and nightclubs – use caution otherwise. Don’t detract from your natural sparkle by adding overly-iridescent powder or cream to your face. At STARE, our Trifecta Cream Hi-Lites provides just the right amount of shimmer in 3 gorgeous shades.



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