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Get Glowing with STARE – STARE Cosmetics 2020-06-08 13-47-41

Hi beauties, how are those new year resolutions going?  Instead of those “new me” ones (because you’re already fabulous), let’s resolve to take care of our skin a bit better this year. Your skin will be with you forever! Let’s start February fresh and do away with all the things that don’t serve us anymore, like dead skin cells!  

A facial is a good way to renew your skin and leave a clean slate for all the better decisions we will make this year. There are many choices when it comes to facials. Finding one right for your skin type can be a bit tricky. If possible, speak with an esthetician to figure out your problem areas and the best course of action. Otherwise, take note of how your skin feels. Does your t-zone get oily or dry? Are there concerns with breakouts or acne? Eyes looking a little tired? Facials come in many shapes and sizes for your budget.  What a great gift to give yourself and start the month of love with self love, right? Getting that skin to glow will be the best resolution you can keep all year.  

We love our fantastic Primer Basethis is essential for smooth skin. Our Primer Base is a makeup base that gives a sleek matte finish to prep skin for the application of foundation. For a flawless look, it minimizes fine lines and helps makeup to last all day.  Perfect for all skin types. To be applied on a clean skin for best results.

Want to know more about our full color makeup line?  Check us out at Always Paraben, Gluten and Cruelty free.  

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