Lipstick Jungle: Part 1


Lip Care before Color

Lipstick can change your entire look! A perfect day look can instantly change into ready for night with the swipe of a beautiful color.  Achieving the perfect lip for your occasion can be a bit daunting with all the choices out there. Daytime or night? Work or play? Subtle or daring? And let’s not forget… matte or gloss!!  We at STARE believe a beautiful look starts with skincare, especially for your lips during these winter months. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! When the weather turns chilly, keeping your pout moisturized will be the difference between your lipstick looking amazing and flawless or sad and cracked.

To start the perfect pout, a bit of maintenance is needed. Please beauties – let’s not forget to scrub those babies! Removing the dead skin from your lips is the first step to make them as smooth as possible. It also helps with maintaining hydration and the look of a full, supple mouth. There are plenty of options to do an at home lip scrub or use STARE’s Exfoliating Lip Scrub that was awarded Best Lip Exfoliator by the Shortlist Beauty Awards 2021. Among my favorite ingredients for a DIY option are honey, coconut or olive oil and of course, brown sugar.  Stir equal parts in a bowl, then scrub away!! Gently, of course. If you don’t have those items on hand, another option is to use olive or coconut oil and gently brush your lips with a toothbrush. This should help shed most of the old, dry skin to make way for a healthy glow.

After you smooth away the cracks using your favorite scrub, apply STARE lip care Moisturizer. Hydration is definitely the most important part of lip care.  With only the essential ingredients to keep your lips looking lovely, STARE Lip Care is the essential tool for you winter babes! Reapply as necessary for that dewy look throughout the day.

Next week we will tackle applying an amazing lip color to your perfect pout to make you the beauty everyone is STARE-ing at.

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