3 Fall Beauty Tips To Help With Your Post-Summer Blues


We know, we can’t believe summer is almost over either but September is here and honestly, we couldn’t be more excited for the crisp, cool days of Fall.  

Here are some beauty tips to help you power through the season of pumpkin spice lattes, costume hunting, and apple bobbing!

1. Oil it up

Oil is frequently seen as the enemy when it comes to skin care because of its bad rap of clogging pores and leaving a greasy finish but adding light oils like coconut oil, or our Replenishing Body Oil (available in Vanilla Honeysuckle & Cherry Blossom) to your daily routine can give you the boost you need for the weather change. You can also add heavier oils like olive oil to homemade masks to promote a healthy glow!

2. Summer Hair Rehab

The sun isn’t exactly kind to hair. You know it, we know it so how do you reverse the sun damage that your lovely locks suffered this summer? Easy: add an apple cider vinegar hair rinse to your routine. Mix 2-4 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar, with 16 oz of water and pour this mixture over your entire scalp after shampooing and rinsing. Make sure to avoid getting the mixture into your eyes! And rinse thoroughly to avoid the possibility of lingering vinegar scent. 

3. Don’t Put Down the Sunscreen Just Yet

Keep your sunscreen within reach even after the long days of summer are over. Even though the sun doesn’t feel as strong, the UV rays are still present and protecting yourself with an SPF is so crucial!

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