5 Quick Questions with STARE Babe @Jeni.Spice


Jen in our: Pressed Mineral Foundation– Warm Yellow, Loose Mineral Bronzer – Bronze Envy, Concealer – Warm Yellow, Mineral Blush – London Calling, Waterproof Lip Liner – Organza, Luscious Gloss – Lustre, Essential Wear Lipstick – True Love, the BoldGel Eyeliner – Moody Blue & Cooperized and Luxury Lash Mascara

We sat down with STARE Babe, Jen Romo (@jeni.spice), and asked her 5 quick questions about how she navigates the makeup world, her favorite makeup trends and more.

Buying makeup can be an excruciating process, what do you look for when making your choices?

I make sure to look out for products that are chemical-free and all natural. It’s always important because what goes on our skin usually seeps into our body, so I avoid products with chemicals and toxins.

What is your beauty secret?

Coconut oil! I use it as a hair mask, face/body moisturizer, makeup remover, conditioner, breath freshener. I cannot live without it!

What do you like most about makeup?

Makeup is art. I’m someone who’s style is ever-changing, and the possibilities are endless with makeup. I love the fact that makeup gives so much creative power to the user.

What’s your favorite makeup trend right now?

There are so many trends right now that add to the makeup world but I’d have to say that the most impactful to me is the use of bright, colorful one tone eyeliner. That pop of color can complete any look and brings a fun, eccentric vibe to any occasion.

Tell us a little about your favorite STARE product!

Without a doubt, my favorite product is the BoldGel Eyeliner. It has the creamiest formula I’ve ever experienced in an eyeliner and glides on smoothly while staying in place all day. While I love the BoldGel Eyeliner, I also have to rave about the Glossy Gloss formula. I found the exact nude shade I’ve been looking for since forever and I couldn’t be happier.

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