Basic Tips For Applying Your Lipstick Just Right


With all the makeup tutorials out there, it’s hard to know which method is the best. From models to celebrities, lots of people put out makeup application videos. When you’re trying to figure out the best way to apply lipstick and you go online, you’ll be left wondering whose tips are the best. You might even try to use some trick that you saw one of your favorite celebrities use and end up being quite disappointed with the difference in how yours looks compared to theirs. Well, rather than try to make things difficult, we’re here to teach you some basic on the art of applying lipstick.

Exfoliate- It’s always important to exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick. Since your lips have such a thin layer of skin, they dry out more quickly than the rest of your body. When you exfoliate, you get rid of any of that skin that may make your lipstick not look as good. You want to find a good exfoliating lip scrub that also has moisturizer in it to get the best results. If you don’t exfoliate, the moisturizer won’t be able to get through to the healthy skin and won’t work as well either! You may want to try STARE’s award winning Exfoliating Lip Treatment that provides all of the above.

Balm –  Using a good lip balm is important because it will hydrate your lips and keep them smooth and soft rather than flaky. Also, using lip balm gets rid of any cracks in your lips, which makes a huge difference when you apply your makeup. If you have cracks when you apply the lipstick, it will apply unevenly and fill in the cracks too much. If your lipstick is uneven and too thick in some areas, it can make all the difference in how it looks.

Liner – For your lip liner, you’ll want a color that resembles your natural lip tone. This will help fill in your lips and make sure your lipstick doesn’t fade throughout the day or night, forcing you to run to the bathroom and apply more. Some people even use lip liner as a full base on their lips to help make the color stay longer.

Lipstick- Now, the pièce de résistance. All this prep work has led up to this. From exfoliating to constantly applying balm, it’s time to pick out your lipstick. At this point, the color choice is up to you. Depending on your outfit, and what look you want to pull off, you can choose from the thousands of different options out there. Some will look subtler, while others have the power to make you stand out from an entire crowd of people. There is a range of application options including using a brush, liquid lipstick, or applying straight from the tube.

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