How To Get The Perfect Brows


Eyebrow trends have come and go throughout the years, but it appears natural looking eyebrows are here to stay. Try out these tips to get the perfect shape and color, which in turn will elevate your look and brighten your entire face.

  1. Don’t over-pluck! The most important part of the entire process is making sure you do not pluck too much hair off. Leave yourself with enough to work with and retaining the natural hair is important to keep your makeup looking natural. Remember to step back from the mirror every so often to check the overall shape. It’s easy to get too focused on a small area which can quickly throw off the shape you want to achieve.
  2. Rule of thumb: start your brow at the inner corner of your eyes. This will keep your eyebrows from looking too close together or far apart.
  3. Don’t forget to trim. Using a small brush, brush upward and cut across to give your brows a nice defined edge.
  4. Decide which kind of brow product you should use – typically for sparse brows, a thicker formula is used. Try out our Bold Dip Brow, loaded with pigment and an anti-smudge formula to ensure you look your best all day. Our Brow Instafix brow gel is perfect for all eyebrow types, providing thickening and lengthening fibers with each application. It also helps to tame brows and keep them in place.
  5. Ensure that the color you choose matches your hair – to a degree. Try to stick as close to natural colors as possible, which will allow your eyebrows to blend seamlessly into your face while enhancing your overall look.
  6. When applying, use short strokes to mimic your natural hair. This will keep your eyebrows from looking overfilled and fake.

Finish up your look with concealer. Use concealer around your eyebrows to help them stand out even more, and create a crisp edge so they always look freshly done. Our Concealer Stix are small and easy to work with, blending seamlessly onto your skin to give a beautiful matte finish.

 STARE Cosmetics is a quality makeup line that cares for your skin like skin care products should. Our products provide the coverage and colors we all desire while conscientiously including only quality ingredients. 

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