The Perfect Every-day Makeup Guide


We know your week can be jam-packed full of work, meetings, appointments, classes, athletics, and anything in between. That’s why we want to simplify everything for you. Make your daily makeup routine as quick and easy as possible with our STARE Everyday Go-To Guide. We’ve picked products that will make your skin glow, eyes pop, and boost your overall appearance while still keeping it natural and light.


Start with a cleanser and light moisturizer to clean and hydrate the face. We recommend using a moisturizer with a little SPF to provide protection from sun damage. Follow this up with our Primer Base, which will prep the skin with a matte finish and prevent makeup from falling throughout the day.


If you have any larger, more noticeable blemishes, discoloration, or just generally want to conceal specific areas, use our Corrector Wheel and Concealer Stix. Together, these will mask any unwanted marks you may want to hide.   


Next, follow up with foundation to even and smooth the skin tone. We recommend using our Sheer Veil Foundation. This formula is perfect for everyday use; it is water-based, provides light to medium coverage, and contains vitamin E which boosts elasticity. With 20 shades to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect match. If you prefer not to use foundation on a daily basis, we recommend using a tinted moisturizer to even the skin tone prior to applying any other makeup.

Eyes & Eyebrows:

Quickly fill-in and set your eyebrows using our Brow Instafix. The gel formula combined with an easy-apply wand make filling your eyebrows a breeze. The gel will hold stray hairs in place while giving your brows a denser, fuller look without looking over-filled.

For eyeshadow, use our Shadow Trio Palette to perfect your look. Sweep the middle color over the lid, use the darkest color on the outer corner of your upper lid, and put a little of the lighter color on your inner corner to brighten the eyes.  

Use our Bold Gel Eyeliner, awarded Best Eyeliner in the 2021 beauty shortlist Awards in black or brown (depending upon hair and eye color) to tightline the upper lid, making eyes appear more open and bigger without any thick, noticeable lines. Next, follow this up with Dare to Stare Mascara and apply a few coats to the top and bottom eyelashes.


Finally, finish off your look with a subtle color of our Luscious Lip Gloss to give your lips a shiny pout. If you don’t normally go for color, use our STARE Lip Care to moisturize and boost your pout.”

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