Mastering Mascara


With hundreds of different products to choose from, finding a mascara that works for you can be difficult. Let us do the work for you! Here are some tips and examples to help you find your perfect lash match today.

There are really two different branches of mascara that you should choose between early on, or, get both! We’re talking about waterproof vs. non-waterproof. The benefits of waterproof are self explanatory – these mascaras stay on no matter what happens. Swimming, unforecasted rain storms, tears, and whatever else you could think of, waterproof mascaras should not fail you. If you lead an active lifestyle or know you’ll be heading to the beach or hanging pool side, definitely invest in a waterproof mascara. At STARE, we offer our Dare to STARE Mascara in a waterproof option. This formula is one of a kind – creating long, luscious lashes with a silicone brush. When you want to remove your mascara, it may take a little longer than usual. This is okay, just keep working at it to ensure all makeup is removed!

If you have brittle or thin lashes, you may not want to use waterproof mascaras. They tend to be difficult to take off, and can have a stronger “hardening” effect which can damage weak lashes. Not to worry! We have several different non-waterproof mascara options at STARE. We like to call them water resistant, because our formula is so great that it holds up against minor splashes or tears. Our Dare to STARE Mascara is available in water resistant, as well as our Lash Lover Mascara, a fibre enhanced mascara that will leave you with glamorously plump, thick lashes. We also have our Luxury Lash Mascara. This formula will double the thickness of your lashes without leaving any clumps, stickiness, or smudging. For additional pampering, we’ve added vitamins A, C & E to condition and nourish your lashes.

Don’t forget the prep-work! A critical and often forgotten step in your makeup routine is applying lash primer. This is crucial for smooth, voluminous mascara application. Our favorite primer to use is the STARE Lash Lover Primer – it smooths and conditions lashes, while boosting the effectiveness of your mascara once applied.

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