Take Your Lips to the Next Level


Want fuller looking lips without the needles? Use these makeup tricks to enhance your pout and take your look to the next level!

  • The most important step to having full lips is moisturizing often. Have a good go-to chapstick or lip balm that you apply routinely (at least twice a day). Keeping your lips hydrated will keep them looking fuller and smooth out fine lines. Avoid products with petroleum jelly because these do not actually hydrate.
  • Take this a step further and invest in a good lip plumper! Different active ingredients work better for different people. These types of lip glosses come in a number of shades and shine levels. Find one that also doubles as a lip treatment and apply as directed to have a fuller looking pout over time.
  • Choosing the right color is crucial. Colors that are light, shiny, and glossy make the lips appear fuller, while dark and matte shades make lips appear thinner. Keep this in mind when deciding how you want to craft your look. To find the perfect pink color, just look at the inside of your cheek and match the lipstick to that. It’s nature’s perfect color palette!
  • Apply a lighter, shinier shade of your lip color to the middle of your lips and blend. This lightening effect actually highlights the lips and gives them more dimension, leading to a fuller look. Super easy trick!
  • Once you’ve chosen your colors, go ahead and select two different lip liners that are a shade apart. Use the darker tone to line the bottom lip and the lighter to line the top lip. This is a discreet way of making lips appear fuller.
  • Always remember to line your lips after applying your lipstick, ensuring that your lipstick and liner fade together. Don’t create a new lip shape with your liner or excessively over-line, this will appear fake and unnatural.
  • Embolden your look with a little brown eyeshadow. Dust a small amount in a thin line along the outside of the lower lip to create a shadow effect and make your eyeliner pop.
  • Finish off with concealer around the mouth to make your pout pop!
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